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Imagine a paradise where times stopos and goleen beachs welcome you, right reside the Strait og Gibraltar and Gateway to Morocco..

Enrich your mind with archeological ruins, evidence of ancient wisdom and civilizations. Experience the almadrabas, an art form derived from a living tradition. Let yourself be taken prisoner by the walls, towers and castles a testament to the strategic nature of the town and its greatness; they survive despite the passage of time; the lasting identity of these streets. Enjoy festivals and celebrations inherited from time immemorial and let your senses run wild with the rich and varied cuisine, carefully prepared by renowned bars and restaurants. Lose yourself in our unparalleled scenic areas, preserved and cultivated for your enjoyment: forests, beaches, coastal marshes...

Barbate. A place for today, filled with yesterday and with tomorrow.

Colourful days and magical sunsets welcome you to the “Costa de la Luz” and Barbate. The sailing village of Zahara opens the way to the beaches of Pajares and El Botero, perfect for water sports and hiking. Sand dunes, coastal marshes and salt flats surround Barbate. The river brings you to the Paseo Marítimo (seaside esplanade), and Carmen Beach, which are practically an extension of the city centre. The Port of Albufera is the gateway to Hierbabuena Beach where land and sea meet with the cliffs, the Natural park, and centuries of history.

Passing along the shores and throught scenic areas you arrive at Los Caños de Meca, chains of sand dunes that lead to Zahora and on to the Tómbolo of Trafalgar. Barbate: let the waves bring you. Stay and you´ll see.




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